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Restoring Lost Hope to the Women of Pakistan

Dear Friend, We need a miracle… as it happens all too often in the Muslim world… Asma was totally unprepared when she opened the gate to the home where she was working late in the evening as a beautician. She had been told her younger brother had come to...

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Restoring Lost Hope to the Women in Pakistan

Filled with despair, Sumera could only see one solution to her problems. Growing up in Pakistan she had always dreamed of what her life could become, but now her dreams lay shattered around her. Like so many others, her family had arranged a contractual...

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Mohammed and the Bus Driver

"Mohammed and the Bus Driver" The story of one Malay's trip to Mecca and the strange incidents that occurred there Mecca! The man we will call Mohammed shivered with excitement. To think he was really here, at the heart of Islam in Saudi Arabia, the...

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STANDING IN THE FIRE Today there are millions of Christians in the Asian world who are standing in the fire - living their lives - under the threat of harassment and persecution all because of their Christian faith. According to Fox news… “Thirty years ago, there were...

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Dear Friend… At the end of last week we received an URGENT request for prayer from Pakistan… local police in the city where our EVANGELISM CONFERENCE FOR YOUNG ADULTS was to take place (May 12-13) ordered Pastor Hamid, our AsiaLink Director, to POSTPONE the conference...

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Young People ASKING to be TRAINED in A MUSLIM Nation

I am amazed at some of our AsiaLink workers and partners who persistently continue to minister when their very lives could be at risk. So why should this week be any different? Earlier last month a Muslim university student in the northwestern Pakistan city of Mardan,...

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