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Within hours, the year 2022 will come to a close. It’s been another challenging year for all of us. Yet, one thing we know… God is still in control. We have seen God at work changing lives through various ministry projects that have empowered them to commit their lives to God! Thank you to our many partners and friends for all your prayers and support…

During this Christmas season, we are responding to the growing need of providing Chinese Bibles for reaching mainland Chinese. Some estimate 1 to 2 million Chinese are currently working in Africa.

In partnership with 7 Christian radio stations that broadcast a daily Chinese program, hungry listeners are wanting Chinese Bibles! We can help… Chinese Bibles have been donated to us that we need to ship to Africa. See below for details. What a difference one Bible can make. In China alone we found that for every Bible we provided, 5 to 8 people would come to faith.

I also know that there are other areas of Asia that are desperate to have God’s Word as well, like Ke Paw…



I think of Ke Paw (not their real name) who writes… “I am from the Karen people group and I come from a Christian family where my parents taught me how to grow in Christ. In my life, I have faced many problems you probably have never experienced, but I’m not weary because of them. In my country, we face poverty, starvation and the threat of being killed by our government.

Life has not been easy for me. I remember one time the soldiers caught me and were going to kill me. This was the most dangerous point in my life. I told God in my heart, “Lord, I have done nothing wrong to them, so you can save me.” The next day, they mysteriously let me go.

This Bible that I have received today (from our AsiaLink partner) is the first Bible I have ever owned in all my life, I am 65 years of age, so I am so happy to carry it in the church and to the cell group.

The Bible verse I love is Revelation 2:10 “Do not be afraid of the difficulties that you meet. The devil wants to destroy you, but he cannot, because you do not belong to him” and 1 Corinthians 13:13 “…faith, hope, and love, but love never fails.” It is action love from God. I am so happy and I have great joy to have my own Bible.” 

Our Asia Bible Fund helps provide Bibles for those people groups who are in need of a Bible in their own language!

You can still make a last-minute gift for one of the projects listed below… Help make an impact in someone’s life who has been waiting, praying to have their own Bible.

To donate, call our AsiaLink office on this last day of 2022 at (519) 624 – 0223 or make a donation below. 

You can help be an answer to someone’s prayer by standing in the gap for them! Why not partner with AsiaLink to see God at work.



Here a number of projects that you can impact by your year-end gift.


Enables and equips AsiaLink with the resources to respond to urgent needs and to fulfill our mission of ministering in Asia. By donating to this fund you strengthen those areas of ministry that are underfunded and in need.

Africa currently has 1 TO 2 million Chinese from China living and working throughout the continent. They need to hear the message of God’s love and receive their personal copy of the Bible. AsiaLink is partnering with 7 Christian radio stations in the country of Zambia that broadcast Mandarin Chinese programming sharing the gospel.Their programming reaches many other African nations as well.

Bibles are urgently needed to donate to broadcast listeners who are hungry for God. Many have never heard of Jesus Christ. This is our opportunity to make a difference in mainland Chinese living and working in this African nation.

We need your help to ship Bibles that have been donated already for Africa. Will you help? To ship one Bible costs $9. Why not provide 10 Bibles or more!

One of AsiaLink’s partners in Asia specializes in printing and distributing Bibles and other resources for many ethnic groups throughout Asia who have been denied access to God’s Word for years, even decades. In some cases, Bibles are no longer in print or are too expensive to purchase. We often hear of whole villages where even the pastor has no Bible. In other instances, God’s Word has not been translated into the language of the people group, Each Bible costs an average of $4.50 to print and deliver. Will you invest in helping us provide the word of God into the various languages of people groups that have not heard God’s word in their own language?

According to the UN two out of every five people in North Korea are undernourished and 70% (18 million people) of North Korea require food assistance to survive, including 1.3 million children under the age of 5. For only $10.75 a month or $129 a year you can feed a North Korean child 6 days a week for an entire month or for an entire year.

This fund assists evangelists, church planters and workers throughout Asia who are hampered from fulfilling the call of God on their life by a lack of finances. You can help support one of these dedicated workers by giving $50 a month.

With the continued and rapid growth of China’s persecuted church the need for Bibles remains ever present. Each Bible costs $3.30 to print and deliver inside China.

One of the most effective and secure ways for evangelizing in the Muslim world is through our Correspondence School. Each lesson helps introduce a Biblical understanding of the need of making a commitment to follow Christ. $21 will enable one student to complete the entire 7 courses and discover God’s purpose for their life.

In order to elevate woman from a Biblical perspective AsiaLink hosts several conferences a year to minister and empower women with the message of Christ. To sponsor a women to attend is just $3.75. To sponsor an entire conference for 400 to 600 women is approximately $2,400.

Christian young people living in a Muslim society are under extreme pressure to give up their Christian faith. For over 10 years AsiaLink has challenged Christian and Muslim young adults with the unique claims of Christ by utilizing gifted apologetic speakers and conferences. A gift of $100 by 24 people would sponsor one of these powerful conferences.

Throughout Asia Christians are often the number one target for beatings, arrest, torture and imprisonment. This fund assists those Christian workers or their families who are suffering as a result of the abuse they have had to endure. A gift of $35 a month will help support them while they heal.

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