for AsiaLink Ministries

AsiaLink is not a newcomer to world missions and brings together it’s rich and passionate heritage with innovative methodologies for spreading the gospel. As part of the AsiaLink world-wide network, AsiaLink has the resources and relationships to help the church in Asia fulfill it’s calling to evangelize and disciple.


Passion for the Lord

Our desire is to see the nations coming to point of gladly worshiping God.

Committed to Christian Values

AsiaLink is committed to Biblical Truth, to ministry through prayer and to dependence upon God for all our needs.


We affirm historic, evangelical Christianity.

The Local Church

We are deeply committed to the urgent and unfinished task of evangelism and nurturing young churches in Asia. Our desire is to stimulate passionate missionary vision among churches around the world as well as in our countries of ministry.

Unreached Peoples

Our passion is the challenge of those who have little or no opportunity to hear the gospel.


We recognize that God has given us the responsibility to work with diligence, honesty and accountability in using the resources He has given us. AsiaLink is accountable to it’s donors, Board of Directors and the charitable regulations of Canada. Donations will be used as designated.


We intentionally partner with national believers in Asia because we believe this partnership best expresses the nature of the body of Christ in the world. We are committed to effective mission as we incorporate the richness of cultural diversity in our ministries.


We understand that the ultimate human need is to know God. We also understand that God has called us to serve with Christian compassion in this fallen world by alleviating suffering and ministering to those in need.

Our Motivation

…is not money, fame or power. It is simply that everyone would come to Christ. Every person on planet earth deserves to hear the message of Jesus. The only reward we desire is to hear the words of our Master saying “Well done good and faithful servant” It can’t get any better then that!

If you are interested in learning more about AsiaLink, missions and the persecuted church, or are interested in an AsiaLink representative visiting your church, please email ( or call our office (519) 624 – 0223 for additional information.