“I will never deny my faith!”


Dear Friend,

We URGENTLY need your help in the Muslim world! For the first time in 3 years since the pandemic began we will hold our Standing Strong Apologetic Seminar in central Pakistan early in June. This Seminar is an incredible opportunity to see lives radically changed! We need your help to cover all the costs associated with this Seminar.


Recently, I read the gripping story of a young Muslim man who it turns out was a direct descendant of Islam’s prophet Moham-mad. Growing up in a privileged family he dreamed of making a difference with his life and thus he became an air force engineer.

His life seemed destined until that fateful day that changed everything. He became horribly sick and was rushed to the hospital where doctors could do nothing for him.  To his horror he lost all feeling in his lower body and became paralysed, confined to a wheelchair.

Sadly, just when he needed his family the most they mysteriously abandoned him.

Instead of giving up on life he took up watch repair and gave private lessons free of charge to children close to where he lived.

During this time he met some Christians who took an interest in him and encouraged him. So touched by their unconditional and caring love, Tahir began to warm to the message of Jesus and began to study the unique claims of Christianity. For some time he debated what he should do until he made the ultimate choice to become a follower of Jesus.

Tahir became quite impassioned about his new found faith and this stirred up the anger of the local imam at the mosque who alleged Tahir was an apostate that had defiled a copy of the Qur’an by underlining verses and writing in the margin. Unknown to Tahir the local iman was also angry at the popularity Tahir had as a teacher, and his free lessons that made him a more popular teacher than the iman thus affecting the iman’s personal income. 


The imam went out of his way to begin a slander campaign against Tahir, which resulted in the Police having to rescue Tahir when a crowd of Muslim extremists threatened to murder him.

In order to protect Tahir police transferred him to a local prison. Unfortunately, He would never leave it. He was under incredible pressure to return to Islam.  “They want me to say that I was forced to change my beliefs, that it was because of money, or for a good job, or to get a wife.  They must know that I only changed my faith because I did find the Truth.”

For 6 long months no lawyer was willing to represent Tahir. Later, an application for bail was turned down by the courts. His physical health began to suffer.

During court hearings, Muslim clerics shouted slogans and threatened Tahir’s defence lawyer. The presiding judge reprimanded them for interfering in the court proceedings, but was then himself threatened with death and finally he transferred to another court. The imam of the large Badshahi mosque in Lahore publicly declared that apostates like Tahir should be killed.

During his blasphemy trial, Tahir was for some time held in solitary confinement in a cell without water, electricity or toilet facilities. It seemed everyone was against him – even his jail warden who threatened to kill him. Knowing there was a good chance he would be murdered in prison he wrote Pakistan’s prime minister and other officials, but no one came to his aid. Shortly afterwards he began to vomit blood almost as if he were being poisoned. The end was near. After his death members of the Christian community voiced concern that Tahir may have been poisoned.

I was deeply moved when I read that when asked about the possibility of being hanged for blasphemy, he simply replied: “I will kiss my rope, but I will never deny my faith.” Tahir counted the cost of following Jesus.


That is the type of Jesus follower we are asking God to give us… young men and women who are willing to surrender their lives to God no matter the cost. Will you help be the hands of Jesus helping to introduce Muslim, Hindu and nominal Christians who will attend our Apologetic Seminar to who Jesus really is? Your gift will make a huge difference in someone’s life!

In previous Apologetic Seminars, we have seen many Muslims and unbelievers come to faith, along with Christians who are under incredible pressure to convert to Islam find the strength and answers to remain faithful!

We have already raised part of the budget but need your help to raise the final $1,934 to cover the expense for all 300+ young adults and earnest seekers that will attend. Your gift, large or small, designated for this seminar, will help change a young adult’s life and the impact they will make in other people’s lives.

Yours for Asia’s Harvest,

(Rev.) Dale R. Hiscock
Executive Director