“Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for that one person!”




Dear Friend,

Don’t let the smile above fool you… sometimes God works in ways we’d never desire or choose. Just ask Bro. Hamid

He directs our ministry in the Muslim country of Pakistan. Within the next several weeks he will lead our Young Adult and Youth Discipleship Camp taking place in a secure location north of Islamabad in Pakistan’s rugged Western Himalayan foothills. Some of those attending will be Christians, others will be nominal Christians and then there will be seeking Muslims.

I wonder what God will do this time to penetrate the hearts and lives of all those attending.  I remember one of our previous discipleship camps when God did the unusual… “As young people assembled in the fellowship hall of the retreat center, it was hard to imagine that in this gathering both Christian and Muslim seekers were in the same room to learn more about Jesus and His message.


Bro. Hamid, our AsiaLink Director overseeing the camp, paused for a moment, turned and gazed out at the young adults who were gathering and whispered “thank you Jesus for all these lives – speak to them”.

After whispering his prayer, Bro. Hamid took his place at the front of the hall to lead in worship on the last day of camp. It was during the worship songs that he began to experience an unusual tingling feeling in his right leg. He tried to shake his leg as if it had fallen asleep, but his leg simply wouldn’t respond. The tingling sensation increased and seemed to sweep over his entire right side, causing him to slowly collapse to the floor.

As he fell, he tried to call out, only to discover that he was unable to speak. Lying on the floor, his mind trying to grasp what happened. He knew what he wanted to say, but he couldn’t talk. His entire right side was numb to his commands.

When the worship team became aware Hamid had collapsed, they gathered around him asking, “what’s wrong?” but Hamid was unable to say anything.  A hush settled over the hall. 


Through the crowd Hamid’s wife, Aksa, rushed to where he was and knelt beside him. Speaking quickly, she asked what was wrong, but Hamid was unable to respond. As she looked at him she could see fear in his eyes as he struggled to speak.

She immediately laid her hands on her husband and began to pray. Soon others in the room were praying as well. She asked God specifically to release her husband’s voice from whatever it was that was stopping him from speaking. Her prayer was powerful, forceful, as she commanded his lips to speak in the name of Jesus. Time moved slowly as she continued to pray… after 30 minutes of her praying Hamid’s lips began to move and his voice was heard. Then his right arm that was paralysed began to freely move again. Hamid had just experienced a stroke, and now a miracle.

The Muslim seekers had never seen anything like this before and were standing in awe as they saw a miracle taking place before they’re very eyes, as the power of God’s Spirit restored Hamid’s voice and the movement of his right arm. They too began to praise and worship God. Hamid was then rushed to the hospital and given care.

Once he returned to his home city, he met with a specialist who discovered that the clot that caused the stroke was most likely from an assassination attempt by three Muslims two years earlier. At that time Bro. Hamid had experienced knife wounds to his scalp. And now being in the high altitude of the Himalayan Mountains at the camp, the clot had been released.”



Today, Bro. Hamid continues to invest his life in a new younger generation that needs Jesus like this upcoming Young Adult and Youth Discipleship Camp. After much prayer his team chose the theme Decisive Transforming Moments.

We are believing that everyone who attends will experience a life transforming encounter with God much like Saul when he was walking on the road to Damascus in order to arrest Christians. The Bible states a bright light surrounded him and a voice only Saul could hear spoke “‘I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom you are persecuting’”. Those words changed the life direction of Saul, who of course later became known as Paul. What a ministry he had!

If Muslim extremists became aware of such a gathering the lives of those in attendance along with our entire leadership team would be endangered!



We urgently need your help in sponsoring all those who attend whether they are Muslim, Christian or a nominal Christian. We want to love them into God’s destiny for their lives by making it possible for them to attend.

You can help sponsor a young adult for only $67 to attend. Your gift will enable a Muslim or a nominal Christian to attend this intensive ministry camp.  Will you help sponsor 1 or 2 to attend? Or perhaps God may challenge you to help sponsor 10 or more? Your gift large or small will make a life-changing difference.

We know that helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for that one person!  

Yours for Asia’s Harvest,

(Rev.) Dale R. Hiscock
Executive Director


PS: In order for your gift to reach us ASAP – PLEASE send your gift by bank e-Transfer – just email your gift to info@asialinkministries.org OR call our office (519) 624 – 0223 to give. You can give by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Or you can simply mail your donation. THANK YOU for making a lasting difference!  Your generosity is changing lives!