“Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for that one person!”






Dear Friend,

We URGENTLY need your help in the Muslim world! 

In a matter of days our Women’s Empowerment Conference will take place in a large Muslim city. We are expecting over 1,000 to attend, where they will hear dynamic preaching and teaching from as of the most influential and powerful Christian musical worship evangelists in this Muslim nation of 231 million will minister with his wife.

This unique conference has been one of the most effective ways of reaching Muslim women and nominal Christians who feel trapped in hopeless situations with the empowering message of God’s love!

Women in this Muslim country struggle to be treated fairly and equally. They constantly face the threat of domestic violence, emotional abuse, child marriage, and sexual harassment. Sadly, violence against women occurs daily behind closed doors. If you ask a woman if she is happy with her life, she will say: “I have a good husband. He doesn’t beat me.

However, we’ve discovered that when women encounter Jesus and are radically changed from within by the affirming message of God’s love and purpose for them, they have an amazing desire to share this new message of God’s love with their husbands and family members. It’s extraordinary to see how God uses them!


Last week I received an URGENT message from our AsiaLink team stating that their efforts to raise their entire budget on their own has fallen short. They need our help to raise $2,782.00 to cover the budget shortfall for the 3-day Women’s conference.

These are poor people and they struggle to survive. Many Christians lost their jobs during the pandemic, as Muslims consider them as outcasts and unclean so they fired them for fear that Christians would spread Covid-19 to them.

One other major factor they are dealing with is runaway inflation. In Canada our inflation rate of 6.9% has made everything more expensive. Now imagine trying to live in this Muslim nation where the inflation rate is running at 27%. Yes, 27%!

Despite these roadblocks, we believe our God is able to provide.

We are asking 28 of you, our friends and partners, to give $100 each to help cover all the expenses of this conference! Perhaps God may prompt you to give more so that more lives are touched with God’s love!


Will you stand in the gap for a woman who feels forgotten and cursed by God. Her life is hard and difficult, but you can help shine the light of God’s love into their darkness of unbelief that says God doesn’t care about me! Please send your best gift now so that they will know someone cares for them!

Thank you for being the hands of Jesus by making a difference in their lives by your prayers and by your gift!

Yours for Asia’s Harvest,

(Rev.) Dale R. Hiscock                                                                                                                                                                                                Executive Director

PS: In order for your gift to reach us ASAP – PLEASE send your gift by bank e-Transfer – just email your gift to info@asialinkministries.org OR call our office (519) 624 – 0223 to give. You can give by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Or you can simply mail your donation. THANK YOU for making a lasting difference!  Your generosity is changing lives!