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China’s communist party continued to show its intent to intimidate and control China’s Christians, especially, house church Christians in its sentencing of house church pastor Wang Yi. Within the last 24 hours China’s criminal court finally revealed its verdict from the secret trial of pastor Wang Yi that was held last week, December the 26th.

AsiaIt was announced yesterday that Pastor Wang has been sentenced to nine years in prison and fined 50,000 RMB ($9,344.69 CAD) by a Chinese court for inciting subversion of state power and other crimes. In addition to his jail term, Pastor Wang will be stripped of his political rights for the next three years.

The charges against Pastor Wang sound quite official – the subversion of state power by operating an illegal business – until you discover the truth – he was simply pastoring a house church that refused to register with the government. His Christian beliefs in God, and his bold stance on ministry made him (and his church) too dangerous to allow to continue. Chinese authorities needed to make him an example to strike fear into the hearts of house church Christians across China.

Pastor Wang, his wife and a large number of his house church were arrested in December 2018. Since then an additional 200 members of his house church have at times been arrested by authorities and jailed. His wife Jiang Rong, remains under “residential surveillance” with her young son and is restricted from sharing what her family is going through.

Just one month ago, Qin Defu, one of the elders from this house church was also sentenced to prison for four years.

While China’s constitution guarantees religious freedom, the actual practice of that in real life is viewed through the lens of an atheistic perspective of the communist party that believes there is no God.

Sadly, the situation for many throughout China and Asia is also one of desperation. They value the prayers and financial support from partners in the western world.

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