Filled with despair, Sumera could only see one solution to her problems. Growing up in Pakistan she had always dreamed of what her life could become, but now her dreams lay shattered around her. Like so many others, her family had arranged a contractual marriage for her, and eventually she became pregnant with her first child – a daughter.

The arrival of her little one kept hope alive in her, yet the constant fighting with her husband began to dissolve her will. Nothing seemed to be changing for the better.

The arguing never seemed to end and late one evening she and her husband had once again exchanged hot words with each other. It was an endless cycle that seemed unbreakable. The last several months had seen their fighting increase.


The following day everything seemed normal for them as a couple… as normal as it can be after their heated moment together, but it was the final straw for her. While her husband was out and her daughter was busy, Sumera finally succumbed to the darkness where hope was all but lost.

Trapped in an unfulfilled marriage and filled with dread at continuing her life, Sumera sought the only way out….

Disappointment after disappointment had come until now she stood alone – hopeless – not seeing any future for herself. For days she had dreamed of this moment and now finally it was here. With a broken heart and spirit she grabbed a chair and strategically placed it in the room. Sadly, her husband later that day found her lifeless body hanging from the ceiling fan.


One Pakistani non-Christian women shared the following…

“I can’t recall a time when I felt that being a woman would stop me from doing anything I set out to do. But I live in a society where most women are deemed second class citizens, where women are objectified, humiliated and abused every day… Unfortunately, for the vast majority of women in Pakistan, the road ahead is filled with minefields. Many are victims of archaic cultural practices like honour killings, bride burning, marriage to the Quran, watta satta (exchange of brides between two families), acid violence, domestic violence, and rape.”

My heart breaks for Sumera and the many other Pakistani women who have lost hope and ended their lives, never experiencing the love of God. But we can make a difference… In just three days (Oct. 27 – 29) AsiaLink’s annual Women’s Empowerment Conference in Pakistan will be taking place.

Our AsiaLink team is preparing for four to five hundred women and young girls to attend… some will be non-believers, others nominal Christians, and some will be Muslims.


In our previous conferences we have seen many women come to faith and understand their purpose in life. As a result entire families have come to Christ. Our special lady speaker, Sister G. is a former Muslim who began to question her faith until she accepted Christ. Today she is a powerful evangelist and apologist.


We need your help in two areas… Would you join me in praying for this conference? Already people in this Muslim city are fasting and praying for God to powerfully touch and change the lives of every women who attends.

We have already raised 77% of our budget for this conference and need just $1,044.00 to help us reach our goal of providing these 400 to 500 women with the loving and respectful care they need.

You can help bring hope by partnering with AsiaLink to see God at work in the Muslim world!

Yours for Asia’s Harvest,

Rev. Dale R. Hiscock
Executive Director

PS: Be sure to watch the gripping video below on what many Pakistani women face every day. Your heart will be moved as you watch the story of a young woman, and her family, and the tragic outcome she faced!

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