Dear Friend,

We need a miracle… as it happens all too often in the Muslim world…

Asma was totally unprepared when she opened the gate to the home where she was working late in the evening as a beautician. She had been told her younger brother had come to visit her.


Standing on the other side was not her brother but a young Muslim man, a friend to her younger brother. For several months now he had been pressuring her repeatedly to marry him and to convert into becoming a Muslim.

Due to her love for Jesus she had refused every time he had brought it up until she felt uncomfortable being around him and avoided him. But now standing in front of her, she was confronted by his presence…

He told her with great forcefulness that she had no choice in the matter and had to renounce her faith and marry him in court the next morning. She immediately responded with a no.

At that moment he pulled a bottle from his side and poured it over her face and upper body, splashing her with a liquid – it was gasoline. Startled by his actions, she momentarily stood there trying to wipe the liquid from her eyes and mouth. Then before she could escape, he did the unthinkable, he lit her on fire.

Her screams pierced the air as 90% of her body was engulfed in flames. Sadly, Asma would suffer 12 more days before she finally succumbed to her injuries.


For many women in the Muslim world, let alone a Christian woman, there is always the threat of violence or abuse. Reports indicate that domestic violence affects 90% of women in this Muslim country.


In this undesirable environment our AsiaLink Women’s Ministry is hosting our Annual Women’s Empowerment Conference Thursday and Friday, October 25th – 26th at a safe location. Over 300 women – whether Christian, Muslim or Hindu – will attend to hear the life-changing message of hope through Christ.

We need your help in making a difference in the life of each woman who attends. Many have no hope and are desperate for something to hold onto.

Every woman is important to God… we have raised a third of the cost for this conference already but need to raise an additional $2,700 to cover all expenses for this transformational ministry that has seen so many lives radically changed.

Will you help be a difference maker in a woman’s life today and be a part of a miracle? Thank you!

Rev. Dale R. Hiscock
Executive Director

PS: We need prayer partners for this conference, standing in the gap for every woman who attends!

PSS: Send your best gift now… whether through our website or by contacting our office at (519) 624 – 0223. Please consider what you can do by sending your hope-inspiring gift today!



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