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We URGENTLY need your help to sponsor our Women’s Empowerment Conference this Thursday and Friday, October 25th – 26th, in the Muslim country of Pakistan.

We are expecting over 300 women to attend, including Muslims, Hindus, Christian, and non-believers. It promises to be an explosive conference with the goal of seeing women empowered with God’s love and grace. Lives will be transformed as they listen to inspiring stories of God’s truth in this Muslim dominated country where Christian women are under severe pressure to surrender their faith and become Muslims.


Last year during our conference a Muslim lady by the name of Nawab attended. All her life she had been a Muslim. She and her husband eked out a humble existence as they struggled to provide for their 4 children. For years she had struggled with intense pain in her back. At times the pain was so severe that her sons and daughter-in-law would have to help her stand up and walk. As her health deteriorated her family would help her in her work as a maid.

In desperation she turned to modern medicine, but that didn’t help. Then she began to visit Muslim shrines and holy places offering sacrifices of animals and birds to win her healing. But again… her condition didn’t change. Eventually she turned to Muslim healers.

One such healer promised that she would be healed if she drank water that he personally breathed over. In vain she drank cup after cup hoping, pleading for Allah to heal her.

Yet, it didn’t work… so she turned to witchcraft and would wear amulets (items) around her neck and body all in the vain hope that the demons causing her pain would leave her. Little did she know she was exposing herself and her family to demonic influences. The more ways she sought relief the more intense her pain became.


All was not lost… her employers were Christians and would often encourage her with stories of the miracles of Jesus. She wanted to see miracles – she wanted her own miracle. They invited her to our women’s conference last year and in her desperation she went. As she listened to the teaching on Jesus from our speaker, a former Muslim herself, Nawab’s faith began to increase. This Jesus could heal her!

Each day of the 3 day conference she would come and listen. Finally, on the last day nothing happened to her… she was still in great pain. Instead of being discouraged, a hunger had been ignited in her from the conference to know this Jesus and to turn her life over to him.

After several days she visited Aksa, our AsiaLink Women’s Director, and as Aksa and some of the women leaders began to pray over her Nawab began to stand straight, not bent over as she had been for years.

She abruptly and loudly announced that someone had touched her and that she was no longer in pain. “I am no more sick,” she said. “I can walk now. I’m not falling over!” And at that moment she began to cry with joy for her healing – Jesus had touched her! Her adult children stood watching their mother amazed at this Jesus who could heal. They too believed in Jesus.

It’s been almost a year since Nawab was healed. She now regularly sends Muslims to her church telling them that they too can have an encounter with Jesus.

She was a Muslim woman that none of us here in Canada will ever meet this side of heaven. Yet, because of faithful friends and ministry partners who invested in last year’s conference, her life and that of her family and countless other Muslims has been radically changed.

Thank you to all our partners who stood with us last year – but this year, there are other Nawab’s who are needing to encounter Jesus. Will you help?

We URGENTLY need your financial support to cover the cost for this week’s conference. We have already raised a third of the cost but still need to raise $2,700. If 27 people gave $100 we would cover all expenses. You can be a part of this miracle! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Rev. Dale R. Hiscock
Executive Director

For Pakistan Women’s Ministry

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