Dear Friend ,
Muhammad knew something was wrong when the doctor sent him for further tests. In his despair over his health, he turned to his Islamic faith for comfort and strength. Doubt and fear gradually destroyed his human defences, and feelings of being swept away overwhelmed him when the doctors told him he was in the final stages of cancer. His life would soon be ending.

As he prayed, he cried out to Allah for help. Yet the comfort he yearned for didn’t come. The ritual praying in the mosque left him hungering for more certainty in his life.


He then began to search for truth and answers outside of Islam. His quest led him to explore Christianity. Why was it different? And who was this Jesus?

If his family became aware of his growing interest in Jesus, he knew what the consequences would be. But he was on a quest.

He heard that a Christian Apologetic Seminar was taking place in his city in July 2018. Then to his amazement he discovered that the special speaker was a former Muslim who was now a powerful Christian preacher and apologist. Apparently, her questions over Islam had opened the door for her to discuss her questions with a number of Islamic scholars whose answers weren’t satisfying. And now she had turned to Christianity. Surely, Muhammad thought, there must be something here worth exploring.

When the day for the conference was to begin he found himself stretched emotionally as he, a Muslim, walked onto the grounds of the Christian church where the Apologetic Conference was taking place. As he listened to the singing and speaker, he began to feel the presence not of Allah but of God, as the Holy Spirit began to work in his life. As he attended each session, he began to realize his great need for God, and felt prompted to go forward for prayer.

As he prayed, he accepted Jesus as his Saviour, and knew something dramatic had changed. In talking with the leaders, he shared how he was in the final stages of cancer. In faith, the leaders of the conference began to pray over him. Their prayers were like nothing he had ever heard before… they prayed with such confidence and faith. Strong, powerful and direct.

Returning home that night, he knew God had touched him. Days later he returned to meet with our AsiaLink director Bro. Hamid and shared that God had touched his body and the cancer was miraculously gone. Today, one year later, Muhammad is still healthy and faithfully lives as a Christian.


I daresay if it was not for AsiaLink’s ministry partners who sponsored the Apologetic Conference, Muhammad’s life would have ended without him knowing Jesus Christ. In fact, he would have died without ever knowing God’s love!

We thank God for our partners who were willing to invest in ministry last year, and because of that Muhammad is alive.


Right now (July 5th and 6th) our 2019 Apologetic Conference is once again taking place in central Pakistan. Partners just like you made it possible. Thank you! Pray for this conference!

Your investment in ministry in the Muslim world can help reach other Muhammad’s who are searching for answers. You can be a difference-maker through your prayers and financial giving! Give a special gift today!

Yours for Asia’s Harvest

(Rev.) Dale R. Hiscock
Executive Director

Standing Strong Apologetic Seminar

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