Dear  friend,
Teaching in a medical college for Rania was a lifelong dream. She had achieved so much in her life already. Teaching young students eager to learn brought much personal fulfillment to her. She loved challenging their young minds on a daily basis. Through it all her husband, a man she deeply loved, was her support and strength.

Until now, the foundation guiding her life was her Muslim faith she had grown up with. Her ritual prayers and the comfort of her many Muslim friends and family gave her security and strength.

Her life felt perfect at times… teaching… being challenged… working with young dedicated students in an educational environment that was close to her heart… and enjoying the love of her family. She loved making a difference every day in someone’s life


Yet, she wasn’t prepared for the day her life came crashing down upon her unravelling like a broken ribbon. The day her husband, the man she had committed her life to, the man she loved, approached her and told her he wanted to marry a second wife as allowed by Islam.

Stunned at hearing these words her body went into shock mode. She felt the floor beneath her give way as if it were quicksand swallowing her up. Her breathing became labored. Her thoughts began to race out of control, “no, no, this can’t be happening to me.” Over and over it played in her mind like an unstoppable nightmare.

Over the next days and weeks her broken heart gave way to moments of uncontained sorrow with weeping and tears. The dark clouds of anxiety, fear and depression hovered over her spirit. The will to live was quickly fading from her. Life had lost its appeal.


It was at this critical moment in her life that a Christian friend invited her to AsiaLink’s 2018 Women’s Empowerment Conference. Normally, she would have nothing to do with any Christian event. Yet, in her desperate state she said yes to attending.

As she sat listening to the speaker she heard a message of hope and purpose. Words that she desperately needed to hear. Then as the speaker finished speaking they invited those in need to come forward for prayer. Her heart bursting in pain… she pushed through the crowd to the front. Her broken heart cried out to God as she confessed her sins and believed in Jesus Christ. As she prayed she spoke these words “if you are Savior of all and for me then do a miracle for me [in restoring my marriage].”

As she went home that night God began to work as only He can. Over the next days and weeks God restored her husband’s love and commitment to her and she is happy and contented with her husband. He no longer talks of marrying a second wife and is fully committed to Rania.

So overcome at God answering her prayers Rania began to share her testimony with all her Muslim friends and family. She shares how she experienced a miracle from Jesus Christ in the restoration of her marriage. As a result another Muslim family of 7 have all come to faith and many other Muslims are now open to discovering who Jesus Christ is… and to think it wouldn’t have happened if someone here in Canada hadn’t help sponsor last year’s Women’s Empowerment Conference.


Later this Friday and Saturday (November 8th – 9th) our AsiaLink’s Women’s Empowerment Conference will take place in the Muslim country of Pakistan bringing 300 to 400 women – Muslims, Hindus and nominal Christian – from across the region to a safe place where they will hear messages of hope and purpose for their lives. Already, countless numbers of woman have seen their lives radically changed and transformed.

We need your financial support to cover the cost for this life changing conference. We’ve raised thanks to generous partners most of the budget except for the last $1,475. Will you partner with the church in Pakistan by giving $100 or more? We are needing just 15 more people like you to give $100 each to help us reach our budget so that precious lives would be touched and transformed.

This is an incredible opportunity to plant seeds of hope in the precious lives of another Rania who has lost all hope. Thank you for being a difference maker!

Rev. Dale R. Hiscock
Executive Director

PS: As a result of Rania’s new found faith many other Muslim families are curious about who Jesus Christ is and will be attending this year’s Women’s Empowerment Conference.Pray At some point during this year’s conference Rania will share her remarkable testimony of God answering her prayers. Pray or her!