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  • Please attempt all questions.
  • There is a maximum of 15 points
  • Two of the 10 questions have multiple answers.



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1. What percent of the world's population lives in Asia?
2. Some experts say the number of Christians in China increases by 20,000 every day! How many babies are born in China every day?
3. What FOUR communist countries are found in Asia? (one point for each country right)
4. In the 1960’s this country had only 15 believers. Today it has over 1 million. What country is it?
5. What Asian country has the highest percentage of Muslims of any country in the world, with nearly 100% of its people Muslim?
6. What country is the world’s most populous Muslim country?
7. How many members of the communist party are there in China?
8. What country considers Christianity its #1 enemy?
9. What TWO countries arrested and imprisoned 2 Canadian Christians in the last 2 years for ministry they were doing? ( one point for each country right )
10. What country spends more on its military then it does feeding its people?

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