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Monthly Prayer Alerts – June 2018

  Dear Friend … It’s amazing what a few months can change… from North Korea firing missiles towards Japan and threatening the United States… to now declaring that it wants to build a bridge of friendship with both its former enemies South Korea and the...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – May 2018

  Dear Friend … Last week marked the beginning of Ramadan, a Holy month in Islam. Many Muslims are searching for truth… and if ever there was a time when Islam needed to experience the life changing message of Christ it’s now. Just over a month ago Asma...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – April 2018

  Dear Friend … Nissa is a 75 year old woman. She has lived her entire life on one of the islands that make up a country you probably have not heard of, The Republic of Maldives. It’s a group of about 1,200 tiny coral islands grouped into 26 atolls that...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – March 2018

  FATHER REJECTS SON   Dear Friend, We invite you to pray for an URGENT situation unfolding in South-East Asia. Even though his real name can’t be shared, we’ve given him the name Kham*. He currently is imprisoned for his faith. What is remarkable about...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – January 2018

Dear Friend, I don't know about you but there are numerous moments in my life when I am going through a difficult time and the waves of disappointments, hurt and pain seem to swamp the boat of my life. In those trying moments I need to be reassured that...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – September 2017

Dear Friend... There are so many needs throughout Asia... So many unreached people groups who have never heard of Jesus. Many Christians are at a breaking point... they need our prayer support in order to persevere through these dark moments. Then there...

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Prayer Alert – Late summer special

Dear Friend… Today in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, two to three million Muslims from around the world will have gathered on a rocky hill called the Mountain of Mercy as they stand or sit near the Arafat plains to ask for Allah’s forgiveness and mercy. Many will...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – May 2017

Dear Friend... Today I was motivated by this thought... prayer isn't to remind God of what our problems are, but to remind our problems who God is! Perhaps you're faced with problems that are overwhelming... and you feel like your drowning under the pressure. Pause,...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – April 2017

Dear Friend, Doors of Opportunity... Leads to a Miracle! Opportunity. What a challenging and frightening word. It's word we should grow to love. After all in our lives there are those moments when we all wish for a new sense of direction... a new possibility. We've...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – March 2017

Dear Friend, Sometimes holding onto God when our circumstances overwhelm us is all we can do... remember... something happens when we pray that wouldn’t happen if we hadn’t prayed! Rev. Dale R. Hiscock Executive Director Laos, a communist nation, is considered one of...

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