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Monthly Prayer Alerts – July 2019

  Dear Friend…We live in a world filled with hurting Christians who have been abused, beaten, discarded and hidden from view… all because of their faith in God.We just learned of one young Chinese house church Christian who simply disappeared several...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – June 2019

  Dear Friend…I believe you like me want to make a difference through your prayers and financial giving that genuinely makes a difference in someone’s life… I know I do… I want to see God at work changing lives in some of the most difficult and hard...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – May 2019

  Islamist Claims to Have Arrived in Canada To KILL Asia Bibi Who Fled Pakistan Dear Friend… Her nightmare at last appears to be over…. or is it? Earlier this month we learned that Pakistan Christian Asia Bibi was given permission to leave Pakistan...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – April 2019

  Dear Friend…Since China enacted its new Religious laws in February 2018 a consistent wave of persecution across all of China has broken out that has resulted in hundreds of pastors, church leaders and believers being arrested, jailed and imprisoned....

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – August 2018

  Dear Friend… The incredible aerial image above doesn’t do justice in capturing the 2 to 3 million Muslims, gathered from around the world to celebrate the annual Hajj pilgrimage, one of the 5 required pillars of the Islamic faith that every Muslim...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – July 2018

  “Blasphemers should be put to death” Pakistan religious political party Dear Friend … “Blasphemers should be put to death” announced one political party, called the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), as it campaigns to be elected in the upcoming...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – June 2018

  Dear Friend … It’s amazing what a few months can change… from North Korea firing missiles towards Japan and threatening the United States… to now declaring that it wants to build a bridge of friendship with both its former enemies South Korea and...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – May 2018

  Dear Friend … Last week marked the beginning of Ramadan, a Holy month in Islam. Many Muslims are searching for truth… and if ever there was a time when Islam needed to experience the life changing message of Christ it’s now. Just over a month ago...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – April 2018

  Dear Friend … Nissa is a 75 year old woman. She has lived her entire life on one of the islands that make up a country you probably have not heard of, The Republic of Maldives. It’s a group of about 1,200 tiny coral islands grouped into 26 atolls...

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Monthly Prayer Alerts – March 2018

  FATHER REJECTS SON   Dear Friend, We invite you to pray for an URGENT situation unfolding in South-East Asia. Even though his real name can’t be shared, we’ve given him the name Kham*. He currently is imprisoned for his faith. What is...

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